alanHi, my name is Alan Taylor and before I explain how you too can easily...

Earn an EXTRA £200 every week in your spare time
without leaving home


I need you to promise me something.
Can you do that?

Please promise me you WON’T write this off as something you
“can’t do” just because I mention the word “drawing”


Believe me, whatever your “I can’t draw” objections, I had them too!
If I’d listened to them I would have missed out on a great opportunity.

Because I’m NOT good at drawing is
WHY I developed the system I’m going to tell you about.


I’m asking you to put everything you believe about your drawing ability to one side because...

Your skill as a draughtsman really doesn’t matter.
We’ll be getting our computer to draw FOR us.


Do you trust your computer to get things right?

To prove it to you 100% I’ll let you try my entire system risk free for 30 days

If you STILL feel you can’t draw well enough to make this work
I’ll refund every penny of your money.


I’ll explain how you can claim a risk free trial in just a moment.
First I need to tell you how I stumbled upon this spare time money maker.




In 2001 I was the official carer for my bipolar girlfriend of the time.
She doesn’t really figure in the story other than the fact that...

when you’re someone’s official carer you can’t just go out and get a regular job.


You’re supposed to be there in case they need you.
So when I needed to make some extra money...

I needed to find a way to do it from home.
And at times I could control.


At the same time my Dad was looking for a way to supplement his pension.
He had always enjoyed drawing and was selling a few oil pastel portraits he drew from people’s photographs.
But the amount of time they took made his hourly rate ridiculously low.

He needed something quicker to produce
that he could charge the same amount of money for.


My Dad got free copies of various magazines he advertised in.
Leafing through a Bridal magazine I spotted somebody else advertising “cartoon portraits” of the happy couple.

ashleybig In case you’re wondering a “cartoon portrait” is a humorous drawing of a person.It’s very similar to a caricature except it doesn’t make fun of anybody’s facial features (big ears, nose, chin etc)

The face is a realistic line drawing of what a person actually looks like

Everything else in the picture is drawn in a cartoony style

So cartoony body, background and references to aspects of the “victim’s” life.
(job, hobbies, favourite food, car, musical instruments...)



The lack of colour and “looseness” of most of the drawing made me think...

these must be quicker to produce than my Dad’s labour intensive portraits.
And they looked FUN!


Over the coming weeks my Dad presented a few close friends with their “cartoon portraits” to gauge their reaction.

Everybody LOVED THEM!


So he decided to get better at cartooning and offer them to the world.
We put lots of cards in newsagents’ windows advertising “unique gifts” and business really took off.

Which was great for him.
But it didn’t solve MY problem.


I still needed to make more money without leaving the house.
And, unlike my Dad, I couldn’t do it by drawing cartoon portraits.

Or could I?


I may not be good at drawing but following a tried-and-tested formula was a different matter.
It seemed my Dad’s cartoon portraits were all quite similar.
I mean, they were all individually personalised for their recipient...

but there was a definite pattern to them.


For example he would use books, boxes, signs and labels in every cartoon.
The same book with a different title would reference 2 completely different interests in 2 different cartoons.


There were definite patterns emerging around what hobbies people wanted including in their cartoon portraits too.
It occurred to me that...

My Dad had ALREADY DRAWN everything I needed!

All I had to do was TRACE the objects I wanted


I actually wasn’t too concerned about accurately drawing people’s faces.
I knew my Dad had used a projector for years to make sure his portraits looked like the people they were.
Worst case scenario, I could just do the same.

I thought probably a computer could do a better job

So I...

  • scanned hundreds of my Dad’s drawings into my PC
  • read every Photoshop tutorial I could find about “turning a photo into a line drawing”  and...
  • came up with a system.




I’ve only taught my system once before to a few people in 2009.

I checked out a student’s website a few days ago and took this screenshot.

busySo it’s obviously worked for her.

Reviews left by other students said:

"I have bought many home study courses but this is the first one that I've actually been able to use to make a steady (though realistic) income from."  -  RH

"Having tried a few Home Business Methods, as a retired teacher my main criticism is that they often tell you 'what' to do but not 'how' to do it.
Draw 4 Profit is as clear and easy to follow as anything I have ever seen.
The videos take you step by step through every process with no ambiguity at all.
I am delighted with it, and if you can't follow this course you can't follow anything." 
-  RB

"Brilliant Programme!!!!!  If I, as a 70yr old can do it, then anyone can, and I got 'E' for Art at school!!"  -  JS




For several reasons I felt I needed to expand and update the course for 2015.

  • In the current economic climate it can be easier to sell a lot of cheaper items than a few expensive ones
  • People don’t always plan far enough ahead to allow us a week to deliver their cartoon portrait gift
  • A couple of my 2009 students were so underconfident in their drawing ability that even tracing a computer’s output was too much for them

So as well as my original method for producing hand-traced cartoons from computer designs...

Draw 4 Profit 2 covers selling digital cartoons produced
entirely using our computer in under 1 hour


As well as no need to pick up a pen you’ll essentially be selling an email so there are no hard costs to worry about.
After eBay (where I sell my cheapest cartoons) and PayPal take their cut...

You’ll still keep £20 for your hour’s work


Draw 4 Profit 2 includes everything you need to start selling cartoon portraits.

  • The exact same software, design templates & cartoon art library I personally use every day
  • Screen capture videos so you can watch over my shoulder as I design and market cartoon portraits
  • A written manual for those who prefer to read
  • Fill-in-the-blanks marketing materials so you can get started immediately




Perhaps you’re wondering WHO is going to buy all these “cartoon portraits”.

If we stop thinking of them as “cartoon portraits” and start thinking of them as “the solution to a problem” things become clearer.

If you’ve ever needed a special gift for somebody close to you you’ll understand how difficult it can be to find something...

Different... unique... memorable...
Something as special as THEY are.

THAT’s the problem we’re solving!


Most of your customers won’t know they want a “cartoon portrait” until you put the idea in their heads.
They WILL know they need a standout gift for a “big 0” birthday or some other special occasion.

And the search for the perfect gift is “doing their heads in”


When you introduce them to “cartoon portraits” you’re doing them a massive favour, making the pain stop.
They’ll actually be grateful to hand over the money you’re asking.

They’re buying PEACE OF MIND

And that’s worth a lot more than “a piece of paper with ink on it.”

Probably a high percentage of your customers will adopt cartoon portraits as their default personalised gift and order from you again and again.

Just picture yourself waking up to an inbox full of thankyou messages
from grateful customers like the ones below.

testimonialsI can tell you it’s a wonderful feeling.
I’ve lost count of the number of people who said something like...

“What a wonderful idea. I just didn’t know WHAT to get!”


Once you get past your initial “I can’t do that” reaction, creating personalised cartoon portraits is actually great fun.
I really enjoy it and I’m so sure you’ll love it too that...

I’m happy to let you try my course risk-free for a full 30 days.

If, at the end of that time, you still feel you “can’t do it” or
for whatever reason it’s just not for you, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


If you follow my clear instructions and use the cartoon art objects, design and marketing templates along with the software I’ve provided the same way I show you in your screen capture videos, you WON’T be asking for a refund.

You’ll be having too much fun designing cartoon portraits that solve people’s gift dilemmas.




I originally created the Draw 4 Profit system to help me and my Dad produce cartoon portraits quickly and easily, so we could sell more of them and offer customers a shorter waiting time.

As I said, I wanted to top up my Official Carer’s Allowance.
And my Dad was supplementing his pension.


New parents and students are other groups of people I believe could benefit from Draw 4 Profit.
Students always need extra cash but university commitments take priority.
And the most successful of the people I taught my system to in 2009 (the one with the 6 week waiting list on her website) was looking for a way to keep money rolling in during her maternity leave from her “real job”.

The reason doesn’t matter.

If you need to make REALISTIC money from home at TIMES YOU CHOOSE
Draw4Profit CAN work for you.


I’m not going to lie to you.
Cartoon portraits WON’T make you a millionaire.
But they WILL provide...

a very nice income top up, working WHEN you want


You’ll set your own prices but I regularly turn a 30p sheet of paper into a product that sells for £80.
Put it in a standard £6 frame and the price jumps to £109.

“Draw” 2 cartoons a week and that’s £218 extra for not much effort.

And we’ve already seen that selling digital cartoons on eBay nets you £20 for less than an hour’s work.




I'm not going to promise you any particular monetary amount.
I don't know you so I have no way of predicting how much effort you're going to put into your business.
Obviously THAT will be the deciding factor in HOW MUCH you earn.

I am prepared to help you figure out...

How many cartoons do you need to produce to get what you want?



As an average student, NUS informs me your rent is £400 per month.
Relying solely on digital cartoons sold via eBay (our lowest priced option) you could cover your rent by selling 20 each month.

That’s 5 hours each week to pay the rent!


I don’t think McDonalds or the local pub will match that.


According to Which.co.uk the most popular pushchair of 2014 was the Babystyle Oyster.
To buy one of these would cost you £249.

Just 3 framed cartoons should more than cover that.


I think you get the idea so I won’t labour the point further.
What you want is up to you.

But splitting it into “cartoon portrait” units of cost
gives you a road map of how to get there.


By now you probably know whether you’re interested in taking me up on my risk free trial.
And the fact I’m calling it “risk free” should let you know that if you decide to keep Draw 4 Profit after your trial period I will want SOMETHING in return.



I struggled to come up with a fair price.
After all, the whole purpose of the course is to help you earn extra money.

If you already had thousands to splash around
you wouldn’t need it, would you?


So I certainly don’t want price to be a reason ANYBODY doesn’t buy Draw 4 Profit.
On the other hand, what I’m offering does have REAL VALUE.

Follow my instructions, use my templates and cartoon art library
and you WILL start topping up your income very nicely.


Since we were working out the “cartoon portrait unit” cost of various things you might want to buy I decided to price the course accordingly.
If you decide to keep Draw 4 Profit after your 30 day trial ends...

It will cost you LESS than 1 FRAMED CARTOON PORTRAIT

Just £97


For that, you’ll be getting immediate online access to

  • The exact same software I personally use every day
  • My entire library of cartoon art objects
  • Pre-designed templates – just add a face and interests!
  • Fill-in-the-blanks marketing materials so you can get started immediately

You’ll be able to download all of the above to your own computer so I’m
relying on your sense of honour to delete them if you claim a refund


  • Screen capture videos walk you through every step of creating and marketing Cartoon Portraits
  • A PDF manual explains everything for those who prefer the written word

Obviously if you take up my no questions asked money back guarantee
you will no longer have access to the Members Only website
or rights to use my templates or cartoon art objects.

That shouldn’t matter though
since YOU decided YOU DON’T WANT IT.

You can keep the software as a thank you for giving Draw 4 Profit a try.

P.S. Finally, since Draw 4 Profit teaches you how to sell impressive gifts it would be lax of me NOT to point out that it actually makes a pretty good gift itself.

If you know anybody interested in earning some extra money by doing something FUN, CREATIVE and VAGUELY ARTISTIC you’ll be doing them a big favour buying them access to this course.


P.P.S. If there's ANYTHING in the course you're struggling with, I'm always just an email away.
I'll always try my best to sort out any difficulties you may experience.


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