How YOU Can Earn An EXTRA £200 - £300 A Week Drawing In Your Own Home In Your Spare Time.

Do you like to draw?

Or wish you could?

Would you like to earn £80, £106 or even more for each day you decide to "work" doing something you love?

And all without leaving home?

We can show you exactly how to do just that.

Much faster than you think.



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My name is Alan Taylor and my dad is called Jim.
For the last ten years we've run a business drawing cartoons.
But not just ordinary cartoons.

We specialise in a very specific type of cartoon for which there is huge demand from excited customers.
Customers who are happy to pay before we even put pen to paper.

Our Video Training shows how YOU can do the same.

We'll show you how to easily earn an extra £200 to £300 a week by drawing cartoons in your spare time and in your own home.

Because it doesn't matter when you draw, this will fit in around your current job or other commitments, making it truly extra income.

As well as Video Training and a manual you'll get the same two computer programs and over 400 line art images we use every day to "cheat" and make designing a cartoon child's play.


First we need to get past a word that frightens some people.
Please don't be scared - we have a "magic bullet" to kill your fear.


The title of our Training Course is...
"Draw Personalised Cartoon Portraits For Profit"


Did that word "Portraits" scare you?
Just remember that "magic bullet" we promised - it will work.

So if you're thinking you "CAN'T DO FACES" - think again!

You'll use your computer to "cheat", producing an ACCURATE LIKENESS EVERY TIME.
So long as you can trace, you WILL GET THIS RIGHT.


What is a Cartoon Portrait?

It's a humorous drawing of a person - your customer's "victim".

A lot of people call them "caricatures" but you won't be making fun of anybody's big nose or ears.
You'll use your computer to help you accurately draw what their face actually looks like.

Then you'll add a cartoony body and personalise the picture with references to whatever information your customer gave you about their "victim".
Things like their job, hobbies, interests, any pets they have and so on.


A Few Real Life Examples

"Draw Personalised Cartoon Portraits For Profit" walks you through the process of creating one particular Cartoon Portrait from start to finish.

Below you'll see three more examples chosen from hundreds we've been comissioned to draw.
These are exactly the kind of cartoons YOU can be producing just hours from now.

Click on ANY of these pictures to see a bigger version along with a short explanation of why we put certain things in it.

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